bitcoin trading is well known in the present time . however , there are many persons all over the world never heard about it . bitcoin is a peer to peer digital currency with specific price . it was launched by ‘’Satoshi Nakamoto’’ in 2009 . he worked on this project on his own for about 2 years before sharing the code with public . bitcoin is called cryptocurrency because it uses cryptography to dominate the creation and transfer of money . although the name . bitcoin has no physical coin to speak of . bitcoin is a completely money form . you can send or receive any amount of bitcoin to anyone living anywhere in the world . but in order to send or receive bitcoin . all you need to have is a bitcoin address and internet access . you can get a bitcoin address either by downloading the bit coin client or by getting an online wallet . where are my bitcoins stored ? that is a good question to be asked . the answer of this question is that after you install one of the two methods above . you will find your bitcoins in a file called wallet.dat . there are many ways to acquire bitcoins . but the easiest way is to buy them at an online exchange .regulation and other actions by gonernment entities has one of the biggest impacts on bitcoin price . in the beginning of 2012 , the price of one bitcoin was $4.72 . after one year the price of one bitcoin became $ 13.51 . in the start of 2014 the price increased to $ 806 .bitcoin became very important in the world . it widely grew through the last 2 years . but from my point of view , if you are going to work with bitcoins you should read and understand every thing about it . 43125
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