A block trade is a permissible, noncompetitive, privately negotiated transaction either at or exceeding an exchange determined minimum threshold quantity of shares called block shares which is executed apart and away from the open outcry or electronic markets. Major broker-dealers often provide "block trading" services. In the United States and Canada, a block shares are usually sold at least 10,000 shares of a stock or $100,000 of bonds but in practice significantly larger. For instance, a hedge fund holds a large position in Company X and would like to sell it completely. If this were put into the market as a large sell order, the price would sharply drop by definition the stake was large enough to affect supply and demand causing a market impact. Instead, the fund may arrange for a block trade with another through an investment bank, benefiting both parties: the selling fund gets a more attractive purchase price, while the purchasing company can negotiate a discount off the market rates. Альметьевск РТ, Russian Federation

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