Buy bitcoins with cash, is it possible, how safe and possible to do without outside help? First, let’s see what this bitcoin is? This is a crypto currency, a monetary unit that was created by computer scientists and artfully raised its rate in relation to dollar, euro and other money. At the same time this currency does not have a physical carrier, it can not be seen and touched, besides it is not enriched with a gold reserve. In this regard, you need to decide for yourself whether it is worth buying it. If you still decide to do this, then there are several ways. The first and simplest way is to buy bitcoin through the terminal. In every city there are machines that can allow you to make cash to buy this money. The second way is to find a friend, relative or just a person on the Internet who is interested in selling you this currency for cash. You can also do this on special exchanges, but this requires special skills. 80745

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