The advancement in technology makes it is easier in lifestyle. One of it features is optical storage like camera and video. It has in one common that is to capture image from places and it save to the memory. (This is storing file in memory stick, duo, and etc.) This availability in times of protecting human, property and it is important to this field of protection and security. Especially it is use in police, military, security guard. It is surveillance camera that enhances protection of human and other properties. The camera is one of the best to describe on these, gather with some gadget like router, Ethernet connection. This is the protection use in school area, hotel, home, local place, even in shopping mall, and public and private places. It is use for security platform. A platform is a technology tools such as it compose of hardware, software, and it connection of two or more prototype. There is needed to connect it to server with this camera or webcam. This is also use as in home surveillance software.

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