This manual contains all the information you need to successfully sell the crypto currency. First of all, the seller must choose the method of making the transaction - through the Internet or in person. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. You can sell bitcoins on a crypto exchange. To do this, you also need to register and provide personal information, but the transaction is easier. The exchange acts as an intermediary, which controls the means of sellers and buyers. Sellers place on it a request for sale, indicating the amount, currency and its value. When the customer appears, the service will automatically perform the transaction. Crypto currency will be transferred from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account, and the seller will receive money. The disadvantage of this method is that when selling bitcoins for ordinary money, the amount received will have to be deducted to a bank account. If the exchange lacks liquidity or problems with banks, the withdrawal process may take a long time. You are responsible for your own money - large amounts should be stored on personal devices or offline, because even the most reliable Internet services can one day be hacked. bitcoin buy 85754
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