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Do you guys know both fell Investing in shares What are shares? Shares are one of the main investment types. They can be risk, but they can offer the highest returns. This maybe will help you sometime. If you own one share or more , you own a little bit of the company witch mean you own a liitle bit of the value of the company.You can have shares by yourself or you can add in a collective investment Before buying ( sell ) from ( to ) a company you need to find as much as you can about it . Do a research about the company or buy finacial advice. A shareholder is the person who own the shares directly and can take an important company decision , you can’t be one if you invest in a fund Shares are bought and sold on the stock exchange. How to invest in shares You can buy shares and keep them until their value increases but is a risk they can decreas as well. If the company grows it become valuable, the share is worth more so you are making more money. Some of the shares buy you the taxes of the company. Smaller companies don’t pay taxes. Selling or Buyng shares If you want to buy or sell shares on your own you can use : A traditional stockbroker An online broker I hope i was helpful and i hope you enjoyed it  tanger, Morocco?