Bitcoin trading is a recent but very popular branch of the global financial system. Are you interested in crypto currency, are you new to the market? Pay attention to some aspects of this activity. The world bitcoin is extremely fascinating. If you are able to organize trading correctly, you will see a much greater return than any participant in the daily stock market. Beginners often find the market of digital currencies rather complicated. Crypto-currency trading can require a lot of technical knowledge. So, the first thing that confuses us is the complexity. What is an online wallet, how to use a private key, how to calculate commissions for transactions, where to start? The second thing that prevents at the moment of bitcoin trading is the time necessary for the operation to be performed. In the twenty-first century, we are used to the fact that everything happens instantly. People expect this and technology. But deals with bitcoin can take from 10 minutes to 24 hours. Time depends on the amount of payment for each transaction. Other crypto currencies work much faster. But the participants of the trade are ready to wait for the sake of holding the trading in the bitcoin market. Opening the purses is even worse. Creation of an account on crypto-exchange servers often takes a week or a month. The average time required to verify your documents in the industry is two to three weeks. The risk in the market is present. The industry is new and growing very quickly. But the possible profit is much higher. Bitcoin in 2017 grew by 1000%, and the whole industry - by more than 3390%. 71188

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